Doug TenNapel Doug's Twitter

Doug TenNapel is the creator of Earthworm Jim, The Neverhood, Nickelodeon's Catscratch and tons of other award-winning projects that span a 30-year career in animation, video games, comics and NFTs. His NFT company is called Eternal Klay and here are the unique collections released under that banner:

Eternal Klay NFTs

Doug TenNapel's Eternal Klay launch Aug 30, 2021. Hand-drawn and upload by hand to OpenSea, Doug switched to processing art to get to 10k items.

Eternal Klay Collection - OpenSea Eternal Klay Twitter
Bored Doodle Punk Club Collection - OpenSea BDPC Twitter

BORED DOODLE PUNK CLUB is Doug's tribute to both his favorite NFTs and the parody stickers of his youth known as Whacky Packages. This set of 2,500 NFTs stealth-dropped and sold out in 2 days!

Bored Doodle Punk Club NFTs
Eternal Klay Pet NFTs

ETERNAL KLAY PETS are a set of 10k NFTs minted from the website! These bright colored critters can also be picked up off the floor of OpenSea:

Eternal Klay Pets Collection - OpenSea